Acupuncture Helps with Allergies

Ever since I can remember I’ve had to deal with a frustrating and chronic sinus issue. Over the years various doctors had prescribed nasal sprays that worked temporarily but provided no long-term solution. Tired of using the sprays, I decided to try a more natural solution. Although initially skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised to see what a difference the acupuncture had made in only a few treatments. Over the past couple of months I have seen a drastic improvement in my condition. I would highly recommend Calvin to anyone suffering from any ailment that can be treated with acupuncture.

Rose Y.

Lower Back Pain

In late October 2009, I found myself with severe lower back pain brought on from trying to fix a knee injury. This, combined with the fact that I was facing an eleven hour flight to Italy, brought me to see Calvin Chien on the recommendation of a friend in Colorado Springs. This was the best decision I could have made. Calvin quickly quieted my doubts about acupuncture by taking a very detailed health history and beginning the process of recovery for me. I had two sessions prior to leaving for Italy that actually made it possible to sit in a plane for the lengthy flight. Upon my return, I continued to see Calvin Chien  twice a week and found myself feeling amazingly good and relatively pain free. By New Year’s Eve, Calvin indicated that I no longer needed my regular appointments. The experience was a wonderful one made better by the kind and calming ways of Calvin . It is an experience that I have already recommended to several friends and one that I would not hesitate to continue with as a matter of overall well being.

Thanks Calvin Chien, for your compassionate approach to healing…

Cheryl W.

Carpal Tunnel Pain

I am a Registered Nurse in Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs  for about 20 years. I have carpal tunnel syndrome due to work-related causes for the last ten years now. I am constantly in pain throughout the day. The severity of the pain increases as the day continues. Ever since I have been receiving acupuncture procedures, I noticed the pain has lessened. I am able to work efficiently without constant pain.


Kimberly  T.  -  R.N.

Tendonitis Pain

I started seeking alternative treatment for my tendonitis of the elbow which I had substantiated from a work injury. I have tried physical therapy along with a chiropractor in the beginning with no effect. It was acupuncture which helped to relieve my pain. I could feel the improvement after a few treatments. Calvin Chien, and experienced acupuncturist, came highly recommended by Kaiser Hospital. The treatments were relaxing both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Calvin Chien for anyone suffering from chronic pain conditions.

John  K.          June 2010


CALVIN CHIEN ,Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

In November of 2009, I came down with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. I was getting ready to start training in January 2010 for my first 100-mile endurance run, the premier 100-mile ultra. From January 1st through June 27th, training harder than I’ve ever trained before, averaging 70 + miles per week, and running anywhere from a 50K to a 100K per weekend, you kept me pain-free and helped the healing process. I crossed the finish line after running 29 hours and 25 minutes on June 28th at 10:25 AM. PAIN FREE for 100 miles!!

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal.

S. Johnston              Jan 2010


I am writing this letter to let you know that Calvin Chien is a wonderful acupuncturist.  I understand he is the third generation acupuncturist in his family from Taiwan, so you should feel comfortable knowing he knows what he is doing.  He has helped my husband and I achieve our ultimate goal…pregnancy.  We are proud to announce that we are 2 months pregnant with the help of Calvin Chien and his expertise in this particular area.  He was always cheerful and willing to help with any other problems I was having during the course of the treatment, for example;  back pain, headaches, etc.  I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking an alternative treatment for any medical situation that may arise.


Debbie and Frank              August 2006


I have had severe eczema for the past 9 months and had tried every doctor and natural method possible to relieve my symptoms.  Calvin was recommended to me from a dear friend that had nothing but praise for him.  So, as my last resort, I thought I would give it a shot.  I was very skeptical but was beyond pleasantly surprised.  After my first session my eczema was gone!  I wished I had gone to him sooner!  I continued to go for sessions to get my skin in a place where I wouldn’t have flare ups and noticed that no only my skin benefited, but also my energy level and fatigue problems.   I have nothing but great things to say about Calvin.  He is personable, kind, and treats you like an individual that he wants to sincerely help. I have recommended many others to him and I know that they have received the same positive results that I have.  Thank You!!!

Priscilla        May 2010


A few months ago I started experiencing severe nausea and diarrhea. I lost 18 pounds and felt miserable. Trips to the doctor and lab tests revealed nothing. The “experts” were stumped. Enter Calvin Chien. After the first treatment and taking his Chinese herbs, I felt a slight improvement. As I continued the treatments and Chinese herbs, my appetite returned and my energy level increased.

I feel a million times better! Thanks Calvin!

Samansa .T              March 2010

Anxiety & Depression

I was on a seesaw of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs for years until I began acupuncture to stabilize my dosage levels. It occurred to me that maybe I could use acupuncture to get off drugs altogether. I got three treatments a week for one month and I’m now free of two very addictive medicines, both of which were prescribed by psychiatrists. I’m relieved to feel back in control of my life again!

Kelly P. –  age 35

After Cancer Treatment

I came in to get treated for excessive sweating and low energy from cancer treatment. After my second visit I had no more sweating and my energy is through the roof. Not bad for a guy with cancer! The best part is, I can afford to come in for regular treatments and everyone here is great. Thanks everyone!

Charly M, -  lowa


Recently I had a painful case of the shingles on my back. On recommendation from a friend I sought out Calvin for an acupuncture treatment. This was my first time receiving acupuncture. My treatment included traditional needles as well as microcurrent electrotherapy. Within less than 24 hours of the first treatment I stopped taking the powerful pain killers prescribed by my physician as the pain was reduced by approximately 90%. The fact that I felt this relief so quickly, and after being on antivirals for less than a day, convinced me that acupuncture was the right treatment for me. The whole experience with Calvin Chien from the intake interview on my first visit, his soft spoken and empathetic personality, the painless treatment itself and the peaceful atmosphere of his treatment area was such a beneficial and positive experience. I know that I will seek Calvin out again should the need arise.

Bob S.  -  Los Angeles  2010


I had terrible TMJ pain for 6 months. The doctor told me to take several Ibuprophen per day and put a hot compress on my jaw. Instead, I chose Chien’s acupuncture and I am glad I did. After 6 treatments my pain is gone. I would recommend Family Acupuncture to anyone suffering from TMJ pain.

Tina J.  -  Colorado Springs  2010


I have sought Calvin’s care on several occasions.  His herbs and tinctures have helped with colds, coughs and even tight muscles.  Being a performing musician can take a toll on the body in many ways.  As a keyboardist sitting on my rear for long periods, my hemorrhoids (caused by pregnancy) were becoming unbearable!  After the birth of my second child I had them worse than ever. I tried creams, drinks, anti-inflammatories (pharmaceutical) for months and finally resorted to acupuncture.  I kid you not – the day after treatment from Calvin they were GONE!  I have to attest to Mr. Calvin Chien of Master Tong’s Acupuncture Skills – otherwise I’d never even admit to the public that I had hemorrhoids!  I have witnessed his skill and intuition help alleviate many ailments from migraine, headaches, to severe muscle distress.  Mr. Calvin Chien prescribes herbs (which have done away with IBS for a friend of mine), does muscle work, acupuncture and even non-invasive pressure point work for those too skittish for the needle.

In short Calvin Chien sessions come highly recommended.  His in-depth knowledge of the body, organs and energy flow is amazing.  And his treatments are effective.

T.  Richland  -  Denver